What Makes A Blog Post Great?

scratch-headWhat makes a blog post great? I wish I had the answer. I know some of the recommendations that professional writers and bloggers give. I try to abide by those rules and will share them with you today, but that still doesn’t cover why some blog posts do so much better than others.

Just recently I wrote a blog titled ‘Edit, Edit or Edit’. I thought it was a good post and offered some information that I didn’t know and never really thought about during the revision process, but there were some issues with the formatting.

When you pulled it up, the first paragraph was missing. Once I realized it, I tried to fix the issue but just couldn’t figure out what was going on. Where is a teenager when you need one 🙂

At any rate it has been my best blog so far. I totally don’t understand why. I’m happy that it got so much attention and attracted people to my site, I’m just puzzled. Because of the missing paragraph, it’s confusing at first. There are no visuals, as I deleted them trying to correct the formatting. It was embarrassing really-not up to my usual standard, but I didn’t have time to replace it.

The body of the blog itself was a copy and paste from an old blog-from back when I was writing to the air. I made some revisions but didn’t really put a lot of time into it. What was the draw this time? I still haven’t figured it out.

I have posted other blogs that I took my time and did a lot of research before writing, and I thought were great. They offered a lot of useful information, especially for beginner writers, but they were all but passed on. What’s the deal?

Some rules that I try to follow when writing blogs:

  • Be consistent-I post every Tuesday and Thursday no exceptions.
  • Keep my blogs short and concise-Usually between 300-400 words.
  • Offer useful information that I hope helps my readers.
  • Add graphics or a picture or two-more so for the appearance.
  • Make sure my posts are grammatically and structurally sound.
  • Try to be myself and not sound like a do-it-yourself manual.-One I’m working on :-).
  • I use the tags feature on my blog site to attract readers.

Do you have tips or tricks? I would love to hear from you 🙂

-Jan R


What Makes A Blog Post Great?

4 thoughts on “What Makes A Blog Post Great?

  1. I think there’s an added element of timing. We can’t know what others are looking for in this moment. It could just so happen to be that your “Edit” post happened to arrive at a time when that was giving quite a few people trouble.
    For my part, I think strong posts combine both some strong technique/theory, and something that can be discussed/debated. For example, posts about villains and heroes often outline the different types, but they also have some inherent debates built in. First, how do they define and segment hero types, and second, the more general “what is a hero” or “villain”.
    Much like good fictional stories, I think really strong blog posts simultaneously cover a specific subject, while also tapping into an underlying question or issue that has much broader applications. Of course, that also brings up what the author is trying to accomplish. Sometimes a good solid discussion of proper grammar is what we all need. It may not be the most enjoyable or lively, but it’s the work we have to do before we can get to the fun stuff.

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  2. I try to make sure I post at consistent times, tag well, and offer variety – but it isn’t easy! I often find it’s the same people who interact with my posts, with a few extras discovering me through the tags/links. If there truly is a secret to a good post, I don’t know it!

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