How Do I Grow My Blog?

blogI’ve followed all the rules for a successful blog. So what’s the problem?

I’ve consistently posted twice a week, and I offer some valuable information that I’ve learned through research or experience.

Howbeit I’m not the funniest  writer in the world, but I like to think I’m easy to follow. I don’t use million dollar words, I’m not technical, but my writing is usually grammatically and structurally sound.

I’ve attached Tags to each post. Tags that I thought would attract other people. My thought was, if I could just get them to read a few posts, they would realize I did have something to offer and hang around-become a follower.

Well it turns out, just writing a really good blog and waiting for somebody to show up does not work. You have to actually engage and purposely seek out followers.

How do you do this? I just recently started taking my blog seriously, because I was tired of writing to myself. Yes it was good practice, but nobody wants to have a blog with no followers. It wasn’t quite that bad but close.

So what did I do that tripled my blog following in less than a month? I reached out to fellow bloggers. Like me, they are trying to build their platforms as well. I started visiting the websites of bloggers who shared the same interests that I did. Not only did I gain some great information in the process but I picked up followers. I didn’t have to ask people to join me. I read their blogs, offered comments on their writing, and they responded by checking my site out and doing the same.  I discovered this was a win, win for all involved.

A delightful surprise, was the friendships that arise from exchanges with other writers.  Totally unexpected.

I have added a block of time to my weekly schedule to read blogs of fellow bloggers (those I follow, as well as new ones I would like to follow). It’s not a chore, it’s fun!!! and you will build your following 🙂

So what works for you?  I would love suggestions on how to increase my following.

-Jan R

How Do I Grow My Blog?