Do You Have a Writer’s Mindset? (Revisited)


I really enjoy reading Jerry Jenkin’s blog.  Some of you may know him and others may not. He has published more novels than any author in history and was the co-author of the Left Behind series. Needless to say, he knows what he is talking about and is more than willing to share that with you, me, or anyone who chooses to visit his site.

Jerry Jenkins says you are a writer when you say you are a writer. It all comes down to mindset.  Do you have the mindset of a writer? Do you take your writing seriously? Are you investing time and energy into learning your craft? Are you doing what professional writers do even when you don’t feel like it and haven’t been published? I hope your answer to all of these questions was yes.  If you’re planning on writing a novel and succeeding in your venture, you are going to have to develop a writer’s mindset.

How Do I Develop a Writer’s Mindset?

  • Read books specific to your genre.  That’s what authors do.  It helps them to know their competition and keep up with what’s selling in the industry.
  • Read blogs. Research and learn your craft.  I really like Michael Hyatt and Jerry Jenkins. These people are in the industry and can help you to get up to speed. I also subscribe to Writers Digest magazine.  They have great articles and information that will help you in your journey.
  • Build your platform. Start that Blog. Michael Hyatt said he sat at many board publication meetings at Thomas Nelson. When reviewing a potential author, one question always came up. “What’s the authors platform?” If the answer was there is none, then the book was usually rejected. They pushed it to the side and moved on to the next one. The publisher doesn’t have the resources to market your book.  You need an audience-period. As I stated in a previous blog, my Novel was rejected not because of content, but because of my lack of a platform.
  • Attend writing conferences if possible. You will get the opportunity to connect with Literary Agents, Publishers, and other Aspiring Authors, as well as attend classes that will help you improve your writing skills.
  • Write! Write! Write!
  • Consider joining writing critique groups (
  • Have fun and DON’T GIVE UP!

-Jan R

Do You Have a Writer’s Mindset? (Revisited)

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