Use Point of View to Make the Connection!

In the past I’ve emphasized the importance of character development. In order for a reader to take interest in your work, they have to relate to your hero or heroine. They have to form a connection.

I recently read an article on Point of View that caught my attention and got me to thinking. I of course opened my blog page and began to type. I had to share it with you.

Most writers don’t realize how important Point of View is in forming an emotional connection between the reader and characters in their novel. When you’re in the character’s head, you’re not just following along, you’re developing a relationship.

When you are drawn in to their thought process, you feel like everything that’s happening to your character is happening to you. You will become invested in your character and their journey, even if they’re walking through a mediocre plot.

Some things to keep in mind when using Point of View to develop your characters.

  • Are you telling your reader what’s going on or letting the characters show it themselves?
  • Are you using filter words such as heard, thought, knew, saw, believed, felt? If you are, you are probably not in your character’s head.
  • Are you using all 5 senses?
  • Are you naming emotions or showing how your character is feeling?

Make the connection! Use your tools wisely! Something to think about.

-Jan R

Use Point of View to Make the Connection!

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