4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. This is all pretty bad advice to be frank. There is no such thing as “never” in writing. Sometimes dialogue tags other than “said” add some variety. Sometimes a prologue serves a purpose.
    And if people didn’t love detailed descriptions of settings then Wheel of Time wouldn’t be the most beloved series in all of modern fantasy. Jordan could wax poetic about buttons for multiple paragraphs. People adore his books.
    Adverbs have their place. The word suddenly has its place.

    Newbie writers need to stay FAR AWAY from internet writing advice.
    Here is how you learn to write: learn plot structure (stick with the hero’s journey), write your book, get beta readers, revise, rinse and repeat until your book is done, all while reading a TON of other books.

    What you have posted here is regurgitated, untrue and unhelpful writing advice that all the super marketing-focused indie writers keep putting out there, because they have to constantly mill out content if they want to keep growing. I’d rather my growth remain stagnant than put out the same nonsense that’s been put forth time and time and time again, particularly when the advice is bad, and will hinder newbie writers.

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