Thursday’s Thoughts

Post_13-08-760x400I’ve been kicking around the thought of having a ‘Writing Tip’ Thursday for a while, but still haven’t come up with a witty title for the blog. There are so many one-liners out there. Useful information provided by successful authors that grab your attention and make you stop and think. Some may even tickle your funny bone 🙂

So here goes!

Background information:

If your hero is eating dinner in Moscow, you better know that steak is thirty bucks a pound; if he is drinking sake in Tokyo, you better know which hand he should use to hold the cup; and when he is sunning on the beach at Cape Cod, remember that there won’t be palm trees.  Dean R. Koontz – How To Write Best Selling Fiction

I love Dean Koontz. He has a way of getting the point across in a fun, self-explanatory manner.

Something to think about 🙂

-Jan R




Thursday’s Thoughts

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