Your Work Is Invaluable!

Old-People.jpgI visited my mother this week and was once again reminded how important writers are to the wellbeing and quality of life of our aging population.

My mother and her sisters love to read. It’s a way for them to go to places they could only dream of. It’s their escape from bodies that no longer work the way they would like.

My mother is 80 years old. She is very alert, clear-minded, and in the know, but her body refuses to cooperate with her at times. She can get out and do some things, but physical limitations affect her mobility.

She loves books. When I visit, we always go to the book store. I know she looks forward to reading a great mystery, crime drama, or romance.

I hope you know just how important your work is, not only to the elderly but to everyone. Books provide information, adventure, and joy to so many.

Thank you!

-Jan R


Your Work Is Invaluable!

3 thoughts on “Your Work Is Invaluable!

  1. What great take on our writing! I doubt I’ll ever get published, and I really can’t afford self publishing, but I can afford printing my novels off the computer and handing them out to friends and family. Sometimes smile and someone saying “good job” is reward enough.

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    1. An expression of appreciation and telling me my work is important goes a long ways. Maybe you should consider ebooks. I’ve not looked into it, but everything I read leads me to believe the cost is minimal, especially if you’re willing to set it up yourself. Lots of information on how to do that. Many authors have gotten their breaks through ebooks. It’s something I’ve considered.


      1. I have thought of that too. Im done fooling around..Im going to move forward with the series by the end of the year. I mean, what do I have to lose? Thank you for your advice.

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