Why Do You Blog?

bloggersStaring at my computer this morning and wondering what in the world I’m going to write about. Like many of you, life gets crazy sometimes, and I lose focus. I have to remind myself why I’m here and just what I’m trying to do.

I want to build my platform, but I also hope that the information I share helps others. I don’t want aspiring authors making the same mistakes that I did. Mistakes are a learning experience, but nobody needs to learn that much 🙂 and some of those mistakes were totally avoidable. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I’ve said before, writing a  novel isn’t as easy as it looks. Anybody can put pen to paper and write a novel, but that doesn’t mean it will be good or publishable. Publishable being the key word.

Writing a blog also helps to hone your writing skills. I can’t believe the difference between my first blog and this one.

I’m still learning to navigate the world of blogging and the tools available to assist me with growing my blog, but the information is out there, and I’ve met some great bloggers along the way, who are more than willing to help.

So why do you blog?

-Jan R


Why Do You Blog?

8 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog?

  1. Like the writers above, I started to blog as an outlet for my writing aspirations. It was a form of accountability as I gave myself a schedule of sorts. What surprised me was how the more I wrote, the more ideas came along, and the more engaged I felt with the world around me. There are still occasions when I wonder what on earth will I be writing about this time, but that in itself seems to trigger surprising ideas. Starting a blog was something I thought about for ages as a way to ensure I was writing on a regular basis, and it has been beneficial in ways I could never have imagined 😊. Thanks for asking the question and for sharing your experiences!

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  2. It sounds like a shallow answer, but I blog because I love to write. I love the written word, and when I write a novel or a short story, I feel like I transform into this other being, this intelligent, cosmic, well-rounded version of myself. A blog is a short extension of that feeling, although they are written so fast sometimes that the feeling is fleeting.

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  3. I blog because it helps put down my thoughts in a clearer way. I share tips that I’ve learnt in the hope for tips back from people who read the blog but have different methods and advice. It also keeps me surrounded by people who are supportive and keeps me on track with my main goal of writing novels. Great post and thank you for your blog ❤

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