Is Your Title Overused?

Always and forever 3This past week I was doing research on how to come up with a title for your book. As stated in the blog, titles matter. One of the recommendations I read was to do a google search on the title you are considering.

So I went to google and typed in the name of my novel, ‘Always and Forever.’ Two books came up with that title. I thought that wasn’t too bad, but decided to go to Amazon and type the title in to see always and forever 1what they had. Well, I stopped at ‘Always and Forever’ number 20, and passed quite a few, ‘Forever and Always’ along the way.

There isn’t a problem with my choice from a legal perspective. A title can’t be copyrighted, so it’s fair game. The question is, do I want to use a title that is so obviously overused?

One of the pros would be that the first two ‘Always and Forever’ titles I ran across were always and forever 2best sellers. This means people who liked those books, may have a positive view of mine, or at least a curiosity to check it out.

I saw a headline this morning that read-Confused buyers make World War II book, ‘Fire and Fury’ surprise bestseller. I’m not going to get political, but I did find that funny, and since it fell in line with my blog this morning, I thought I would use it 🙂

What do you think? What would you do- keep the title or change it?

-Jan R

Is Your Title Overused?

7 thoughts on “Is Your Title Overused?

  1. I personally tried to find a title that was uniquely mine, but perhaps I was overly concerned with a “cliche” title. I didn’t consider your point about best-seller titles. That may well draw more eyes to your book, which can only be a good thing, even if it’s by accident 🙂


  2. Ha! Finding a good title is the WORST, and then having it used by lots of other people…I stuck mine in Amazon and only had one match, which made me happy (Though I hadn’t thought about the advantages of sharing a page with a best seller, hmmmm…)

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  3. E R Kendrich says:

    I think I would consider changing the title of my novel if I found lots of other books shared it. An original title is more likely to pique the interest of a publisher and make a book stand out from the crowd. I suppose there’s a chance somebody might buy your book accidentally thinking it’s a best seller and then enjoy it anyway – one way to be discovered!


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