It’s Your Story! (Repost)

3aefcc38a20542bd3ee999eca594de5eI contemplated what to write about today. If you’re a blogger you know the routine. You want to share something meaningful that will be helpful and not sound stupid. You also want to be yourself and not sound like a reference book.

I was sitting on my couch reworking a scene in the novel I’m writing and stopped right in the middle of it. What am I doing? I asked myself. The purpose of the rewrite was to make some changes based on a critique I received from a critique partner.

The person that critiqued my book is very good at the craft, and I respect  her opinion. There were others who critiqued the piece and loved it, offering a few comments here and there to correct grammar or replace a word. So who was right? The three people who loved it, or the one who thought I needed to go back and make some significant changes.

The more I looked at the changes this person suggested, there were quite a few throughout the time period I’ve posted my work, the more I realized she had her own idea of the way the story needed to go, and I had mine.

With this being said, she’s made some great suggestions. Because of her my story is more believable,  my dialogue more natural, and my POV more consistent. Her critiques have been invaluable.

However, I had to remind myself that this is my story. Nobody has a better understanding of the dynamics than I do. Nobody knows it from beginning to end but me. Nobody can tell it better than me.

Weigh comments and suggestions you receive from others and ask this question. Is it making my story better or changing it into something it is not?

Remember: It’s your story.

-Jan R

It’s Your Story! (Repost)

2 thoughts on “It’s Your Story! (Repost)

  1. Venavis says:

    Sometimes another reader sees something you missed or understands a character just a little better than you do. A reader of mine didn’t like the car a character of mine drove, commenting that they just couldn’t see that character driving a sporty vehicle. Rather than change it, I looked it over and wondered why that character was driving it, and it hit me. His brother had died a couple years ago, and he bought the car his brother had been admiring. It added another dimension to the character.

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    1. I’ve had numerous suggestions and questions about things I have missed and was grateful. While most comments that I have received are spot on, I have one person who has literally tried to change my story. She is a great proofreader and I am totally appreciative of everything she does. I just know when I see her name, she’s going to make some off the wall suggestion. Thanks for stopping by:-)


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