5 thoughts on “Show Up And Write!

  1. A great question to ponder upon. For me it depends on what I’m writing. If it is a short story that I’m struggling with I’ll often commit to ten minutes at the desk. Sometimes the act of just sitting or writing a single sentence is enough to get me going. For a longer work (say, a section of a novel), if I’m really stuck I might play with another viewpoint or approach the situation from a different character’s perspective. It is sometimes enough to overcome the initial feeling of having nothing to write. There is merit at times, though, in stepping away and going for a walk or doing something completely unrelated – I often come back from walking my dog in particular with lots of ideas or a fresh viewpoint.

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  2. Hi Jan,
    I’m sure the experts would disagree with me, however, I have another opinion. If you hit the wall and nothing comes to you within a reasonable period, then walk away. You might need a break for minutes, hours or even days. Where is it written you must push yourself just to write anything.

    I agree that the more you write, the better you become at expressing yourself, etc. I agree that sometimes, you should just write whatever your are feeling and then go back to edit your writing.

    So for me, there is a difference between forcing yourself to write and writing anything you are feeling. The former is writing for writing sake, while the latter is writing using your emotions for inspirations.

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