4 thoughts on “Broken Plots?

  1. That one about Laurel is sooo true, and I didn’t even care because they finally did something interesting with her character! Though I think when you’re dealing with comic books, some amount of broken plot is expected…

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  2. “Desert” should never be assumed to mean “hot all the time.” I live in New Mexico, and it’s been freakin’ COLD here lately. As in, below freezing at night, and not above 50F during the day. Come January, we’ll have days when the high is below freezing. Characters wearing jackets in the desert is only a “broken plot” detail if they’re out there during the hot time of year, during the day. (Even when it IS hot, long sleeves are a good idea to protect you from the sun. My clone is an archaeologist, and he always wears long sleeves while in the field, even when he’s working in 110F weather.)

    The rest of these examples, though? Totally broken plots…

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    1. I was in the Mojave once. Like you said it was really cold in the evening once the sun went down, but during the day it was pretty hot. I could see wearing protective clothing, that makes sense but jackets in the middle of the day, not so much – of course myself like many people never think of the desert as cold-especially during the day 🙂


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