Do You Have Goals Or Are You Wandering Aimlessly?

istock_000021386717medium-1-760x506I’ve been writing this blog for 1o months. It’s been my goal to do two posts a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and while I’ve been faithful in my commitment, I must confess the last few months have been really hard for me.

I know I’ve had a lot more outside commitments that are occupying my time, but it feels like it’s more than that. Have you ever wanted to just stop doing everything and reset? Take a break from life and catch your breath? How did you motivate yourself to work through the lulls?

I have read a lot of information on the internet and in books on motivation and how to jump start your battery when it dies (my analogy). Maybe that’s a bit drastic of an example. I don’t think I’m that bad 🙂

I’ve also wondered if finally completing the official rough draft of my first novel has taken some of the steam out of my boat, and I need to take a break and prepare for the next stage of the game. It’s not been easy. It’s required a lot of time and dedication on my part. I wasn’t an English major and literally had to learn how to write a publishable novel. I do understand the rules, but I’m not sure I’m there yet.

In order to keep moving forward, I have to keep my eyes set on the final goal. I completed step one and delivered what I feel to be a great first draft. I should pat myself on the back and take a breath, but I can’t allow too much time away from my work or I will become complacent.

My next step is moving forward to clean my first draft up and address areas that I already know are deficient. The ultimate goal is to get this work published, and while I’ve met a major milestone, I can’t lose site of that goal.

imagesThe one thing that has motivated me and kept me moving forward, is setting goals for myself. I may be dragging my feet right now, but I know where I’m heading. With my eyes set on the finish line, I will get there.

Do you have goals set for your life or are you just wandering aimlessly hoping that things work out? You will never get to where you want to be without a plan in place to get you there.  Set those goals! Work that plan!They could mean the difference between failure and success.

-Jan R



Do You Have Goals Or Are You Wandering Aimlessly?

One thought on “Do You Have Goals Or Are You Wandering Aimlessly?

  1. Goals are the way to go. I, too, finished a first draft of a novel then wondered what next. I have let it rest and am about to commence the second draft. I have a timeline in mind so it doesn’t drag on and so I know there is an end in sight!

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